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Aisha I. DeBerry

My name is Aisha I. DeBerry and I am an Inclusive Leadership Strategist.

Welcome to this safe space. So glad to have you here.

I am certain you are wondering why this work is important to me. Allow me to share. I have had countless experiences where I felt like I did not belong in the room. I am 5’3’’, a woman, black, small in stature, from Mississippi, and a public-school attendee. Many of these identifiers do not reflect traditional, American leadership.

I have had to push my way through barriers while eventually coming to the realization that others need my perspective. We are all influential in various ways - there is no cookie cutter style. My style may not appear to be the classic one but, through experience, I now understand that this is the power of diversity. We all require something different therefore we all have something unique to contribute.

My middle initial is special to me. It stands for Isoke which means “a beautiful gift from God.” I absolutely love this name and I always want to make sure that the initial is highlighted. Many times women drop their middle name and that is something I will never do. I know it took a lot of thought to create it so I want to always honor the time that was spent ensuring I was named properly and with intention.

My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. I love teaching. I love the arts - specifically dance. I am passionate about being able to see someone “get it.” I enjoy having intense discussions that people don’t generally want to have around race and gender. I am also passionate about the education and success of people of color. I want us to thrive and know how remarkable we all are despite the narratives that have been told.

Below are assets you have my express permission to use for promotional purposes.

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