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Aisha I. DeBerry

"Changing a culture for the better doesn't happen quickly. It takes a person to dedicate oneself to listening, reflecting, educating, then acting."

- Aisha

DEI Coaching

Receive three (3) 90-minute group sessions around DEI to empower you to do this important work from where you currently sit:



  • Assess who you are as a leader

  • Discuss goals and challenges

  • Define basic Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging terminology

* takeaway (recommendation for credentialed programming)



  • Develop cover letter and resume to expand to DEI experience

  • Design template for a 30-minute DEI training in person or virtual

*takeaway (links to virtual platforms and tips for presenting in a virtual space)



  • Continue creation of the 30-minute DEI training in person/virtual

  • Create template for a 6-month DEI strategic plan for your current or future organization

  • Membership to These 3 Words Virtual Networking Group

*takeaway (access to ADJ Consulting firm for organizational expansion)


  • Creditable visuals and data

  • Member organizations

  • Vetted weblinks to peer-reviewed journals exploring DEI topics 

  • Recommended reading

  • The Diversity Digest Workbook

Workshops & Events

  • Alphabet Soup, Clearing the Confusion of DEI Terminology (Facebook live)

  • I Can't Do It All! (strategizing a DEI plan for highest participation and optimization)1-hour day class via Zoom - $37 investment

  • I Didn't Mean it like THAT! (exploring microaggressions; your own and assisting others to learn and navigate) 2 hour workshop via Zoom - $97 investment

  • Over it! How to Continue the DEI Work and Stay Sane (Facebook live)

Introducing Aisha I. DeBerry
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